The Marina

Just a few years ago, the place on this photo was nothing but a barren desert. Today, this sprawling network of canals, winding walkways and residential communities is one of the largest marina areas in the world.

The Dubai Marina is in fact entirety man-made. After the developers excavated 3km of waterways from the sand, the water was carried all the way from the Persian Gulf to fill them. Top design consultancies from all over the world helped to leverage virtually every innovation in foundational technology and shield tunneling known today, for construction works. This mega-engineering marvel is adorned with several supertall structures that embrace a wide range of architectural influences.

Connected to the greater Dubai with a metro line and bus services, the area has become a favorite spot for both the locals as well as visitors. Despite many commercial centers and private residencies, the Marina is very walkable. There are over 8km of pedestrian promenades, dotted with cozy cafes, bars and restaurants that make for a pleasant leisurely stroll. On a hot day though, some might prefer a more refreshing commute by water and enjoy the spectacular views from the comfort of a boat.

Produced by Two Footsteps | Written by Vladyslav Koshelyev